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Parkhill has been selling innovative curtain workroom equipment since 1988. Our products are sold world-wide through a large agent and distribution network. All of our products are the culmination of years of experience at Parkhill, an international company firmly established as the world's leading supplier of workroom templates, patterns and other innovative equipment.


Through our specialist export department, our products have been exported to over 56 countries worldwide. All of our products are now available to purchase direct from Parkhill International.

Ruth, Creative Curtains

This pattern has more than paid for itself.  I was hesitant to spend the amount that the parkhill royale costs. The time and the frustration that is has saved has more than paid for itself with in the first two orders sold using this swag pattern…

Ruth, Creative Curtains

You will love the time savings, the frustration on figuring the size of the swag, and the ease of fabricating swags like this. Just wanted to say how I love this system. It makes my job fun.  

Jennifer DeRosa, Beyond Windows LLC

I purchased my Parkhill system at the Atlanta show. Just as others have thought! 'I already know how to make swags' so why would I want to spend that money on it?? now I know, Quick, Exact, low bulk, the best is when mounting to a board, WOW, no fooling with one side trying to get it to look like the other side,also using the jig for the cascades, just lay and fold, DONE !! 

Carlette Cormier

I attended a class at The Chf Academy in July 2009 and Cathy Tucker taught the class how to make swags by draping and by using the Parkhill system. I liked both ways but the Parkhill System was much faster and so easy…

Carlette Cormier

I bought the Royale because I knew I had two jobs coming up making swags and being new in this business I wanted perfection. The client loves her window treatments and she has called back to do her Living room. Carlette Cormier Window Fashions "Workroom of the Year" 2004 

Jenna Abbott, WCAA Executive Director

I have to say for the first few WF shows I went to I thought! "I can make swags, that tool is too expensive" but after watching long enough I decided to buy it. It is one of the best investments I made for my business. You can not put a price on the time and thinking it saves and the perfect swags every time!! 

Sheri Stouffer

For 3 years running at the various trade shows, I would stand in front of the Parkhill booth while the products were demonstrated. Each year I would walk away thinking "there is no way that is that easy." ….

Sheri Stouffer

…The third year I went home after the show and borrowed a Parkhill system from someone else in order to prove to myself that it was much harder than it looked. To my surprise, I whipped out perfect swags, each one exactly the same, just as it was shown in the demo. Yup, you guessed it. …

Sheri Stouffer

…I bought one. This is not a low cost tool, but if you fabricate swags in any number, it's well worth the price. The Parkhill is one of those tools that saves you time and "go backs", both of which puts profit in your pocket. Sheri Stouffer Finishing Touches Tampa, FL 

Kelli Chitty

When I first got into the business I would watch with amazement the demonstrations of the Parkhill Swag system. It amazed me because it took all the guess work out of making the most beautiful, perfect, and low bulk swags I had ever seen. In 2006 I finally broke down and bought one. I absolutely love it!  Thank you for sharing and offering an incredible swag system! 

Anton Neureiter, Owner of Final Touch Interiors, LLC, NY, USA

I was in doubt too, but can assure you that when you have tried it once, you will never do it any other way!  Swags just look better, there is the big advantage in hours of labor saving, they also look better from the standpoint of better workmanship, when done with the Parkhill system. 

Anton Neureiter, Owner of Final Touch Interiors, LLC, NY, USA

No problem in estimating, how much fabric or trim you need. If price point is an issue with your clients, that's the solution. Less time to produce the product. If quality is an issue, use the Parkhill system. I have not had one recall on my swags and we work for many designers.

Anton Neureiter, Owner of Final Touch Interiors, LLC, NY, USA

I just finished my first swag job using the Parkhill system I purchased at IWCE in Atlanta 2010. My swags turned out beautifully - were done in a snap - and I paid for the Royale with the first job. I can't believe it took me so long to take the plunge and buy it. 

Kim Coleman

I recently purchased the Parkhill Swags & Cascades System and love it. I do not have years of experience making swags, so it really is a time saver for me. …

Kim Coleman

…The last job I did (which was a four-sided bay) would have taken forever just dressing the swags and making them look the same. With the Parkhill it came together so easily, it was a breeze! Thanks for a great product. 

Cathy Tucker, owner of Tucks 'N Pleats Draperies, USA.

I have used the Parkhill Swags and Tails System for several years now. I am both a wholesale and retail business and construct quite a few swags and jabots. Upon returning with the Swag System from an international trade show I was met with some resistance from my employee to use the system. But after constructing several swags she was convinced that there is no other way to construct swags!!...

Cathy Tucker, owner of Tucks 'N Pleats Draperies, USA.

…I was somewhat sceptical at the cost involved, but have recouped my investment in the time alone saved by using the Parkhill System not to mention the decorators who are extremely pleased with the professional look of the swags and jabots every time. …

Cathy Tucker, owner of Tucks 'N Pleats Draperies, USA.

…My installer is thrilled that the swag may be taken to the clients and assembled on the pole and or board and adjusted easily. It can be laid flat therefore eliminating the need to do all that steaming and pressing….

Cathy Tucker, owner of Tucks 'N Pleats Draperies, USA.

….In closing anyone considering the Parkhill System I can only suggest that it will be one of those products that, after using it, you will wonder why you waited so long to purchase. I may be contacted at" 

Swags & Tails System

Making Swags and Tails may  have been time consuming before - but not anymore!!!

A system for the manufacture of Swags and Tails that has changed the face of workrooms world-wide is available now. Called the Parkhill Royale, it reduces production time by up to 75 percent.

The System does not replace staff, needs no maintenance or power and is so cost effective that it will deliver huge benefits that will impact on your business from day one.


The best Swags and Tails System in the world

Fully adjustable template

Cut the Swags on the straight, length or bias

Fabrics and Trims Quantities

Pleat your Tails in Seconds

System includes

Price & Deals

Smock Pleater System

Here’s a chance to offer something totally UNIQUE. The Smock Pleater and Tie back templates offer a totally new and stunning concept in the fabrication of soft top treatments and boasts the following features: 

  • Simple, Fast and Very Low Cost
  • Simple, Fast and Very Low you don’t have to sew it !!
  • No limitation in width or height.
  • Can be used with any depth of Heading or Shirring tape and any size of Rod pocket.
  • Decorative trim, Pleating or Edging can be used to enhance the final effect.
  • Quick and Easy to use; A width of fabric can be smocked in 2 or 3 minutes with stunning effect
  • Made from anti light reflecting PVC designed for workroom conditions.
  • Complete with easy to follow DVD and instruction manual with all fabric calculations
  • A Special bar-tacking tool with 5000 micro-pinch nylon tags also included.

3 simple steps

System includes

Best offer

Workroom Stand

The Parkhill Qwik-Mount has been designed for the requirements of the workroom and installer.

  • Strong and durable yet lightweight with Interchangeable plates / brackets for boards and poles
  • Quick release for easy adjustment
  • Twist lock action allows easy movement of the telescopic sections
  • Portable and compact for multiple uses.

Best Third Hand Ever

System includes

Product discontinued

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